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Callipari Wine & Food at Nichols Point is situated in the Murray Darling Region of Australia, which is North West Victoria.

The Murray Darling, Murray Valley & Riverland  area accounts for almost half of Australia’s wine production. These areas are within a 100km radius of each other.

Names such as Mildara Blass, Lindemans, Simeon Wines now merged with McGuigan Wines, Milburn Park which is part of Cranswick  Estate, Andrew Peace Wines, McWilliams Wines, Hardy’s Wines, Deakin Estate which is part of the Wingara Wine Group (owns Katnook Estate & Riddoch) and up and comers such as Zil Zie, Tall Poppy and the well established Trentham Estate, are a testament to the excellent viticultural attributes of the Murray Darling Region.

This is South Eastern Australia, where Australia’s export reputation for consistent and quality wines has developed over the last decade. With multi-million developments already in place this area is well poised to build on the fine reputation Australia has enjoyed on the world stage of wine.