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Ned Kelly Red

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Ned Kelly Red is premium red wine based ready to drink refreshment. It is a full flavoured beverage with a dash of real orange and lemon juice.

Ned Kelly Red was the brainchild of Callipari wines in Mildura.

We wanted a product that is unique and iconic. Ned Kelly Red is just that. It is all Australian & one of a kind and most of all people love it.

Ned Kelly Red is a Red Wine Spritzer, a blend of premium Australian red wine with orange and lemon juice, its all natural, has no artificial colouring and is good for you.

It is 5% alcohol in volume and is totally refreshing.

A small survey was conducted amongst our target audience as well as some older and some younger. The results were surprisingly good. Most liked the product and the decision on the name had to be finalised.

By the end of 2003 “Ned Kelly Red” was born and a new legend has been created.

“Have a Ned Instead” is all you need to say so ask for it at your favourite bottleshop.

You can buy your Ned Kelly Red at leading independent stockists throughout Australia or you can order it direct from Callipari Wines.

Ned Kelly Red suits many and varied palates. People that do not drink wine love it as it makes… “red wine more palatable” and others call it “red wine trainer”

Ned Kelly followers both love it and collect it, people looking for a refreshing drink that is not too sweet, love it also.

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