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The Callipari family boarded a ship in Messina Sicily arriving at Port Melbourne 19 May 1951. They came from a small town in Calabria called Natile, which was and still is a subsistence farming community.


From “humble beginnings and traditional offerings” their wines and food carry that philosophy.


In 1950, the late Michele Callipari arrived in Australia in the quest to find a better life for his family.

The family worked for various families in the region, eventually saving enough to buy their own property in Irymple in late 1954. Michele and Elena sold the property and bought another at Nichols Point in 1959,  next to a property which their oldest son, Giuseppe, had bought in 1956 and which is where Callipari Wine & Food is now located.

Three generations of Callipari’s now live in Mildura.

Most of the families have acquired their own vineyards and are involved in the Mildura community in hospitality, hairdressing, legal services, administration, teaching, the automotive trade and transport, business development, winemaking, fashion design, health and fitness and the performing arts.

Other descendents of the Callipari family have moved to other parts of Australia to quest a better life for their family as did their ancestors.

Fifty years on, their wines and foods were released to be enjoyed by all for many years to come. SALUTI A TUTTI !

The Callipari Winery was set up by Michael Callipari (3rd generation) and his family in 1999 and is still under construction.

His mother Giuseppa Callipari makes the food products, which are grown on the family farm. These are mainly sold in & around Mildura and at tourism outlets and at her renowned café, PEPA’s Cafe

Although a number of medals have already been collected for their wines Michael Callipari believes the best is yet to come, as the vineyard ages and their facility improves.